So, the time has come for booking into 2017’s diary – and with 50 bookings already in there it is looking like being a busy year.

I am particularly interested in new venues and new areas of the UK so get in touch if you have been directed to this website, or have stumbled across my work whilst looking for a musician.

Also, I am available for weddings, with half a dozen already booked in with myself, Alter Ego and TKO.

Below is a live recording taken at Jenkins & Sons, the venue I will be performing at for New Year’s Eve this year.

Update On New Releases

Just a quick word on new releases. I have a couple of things in the pipeline, having sold out of my physical copies of “Welcome To Eden”, the only available places to purchase that record are online at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and you can also stream on Spotify.

I have been working on a single release, featuring one of my favourite records in a full band, professional, radio-ready format to be released later this year, I am just working on artwork, and then I shall be looking at creating some music videos to accompany this.

Alongside this I will be producing some physical copies of a compilation album, featuring my favourite songs from all of my previous EP releases. Track listing and length of album to be confirmed, but this shall be the item available at my gigs once this has been completed. It shall be aptly named “The Journey So Far…” with artwork being designed as I type!

Catch up soon, and don’t forget you can speak to me on Facebook if you have any queries.

Afro Ninja